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October 27, 2016


Experts at the leading paint brand have revealed their colour palette for 2017, with blue being the defining hue for the coming year.

Adaptable to any surrounding and fitting into just about any interior style, Denim Drift makes the perfect choice for 2017. Versatile thanks to its neutral palette, Denim Drift provides the ideal backdrop for a multitude of textures and materials to take centre stage within the home.

But why has this shade of blue come to the forefront of interior design? Having reviewed the latest in architecture, fashion and design trends, Dulux discovered that blue is very much the colour of the moment. Making sure it remained relevant to the home, the team went for a sophisticated shade that works just as well in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom.

To complement the colour of the year, Dulux have developed a family colour palette featuring a spectrum of blues and tones; from rich and sophisticated shades that bring your walls to life and exclude energy, through to lighter tones that add a cooling influence thanks to its crisp and airy feel.

Dulux has also revealed four sub-trends – New Romanticism, Shared Individualism, The Working Home and Considered Luxury – all of which are underpinned by the colour of the year.

New Romanticism

Taking its cue from our passion for saving and looking after the environment around us, New Romanticism, has sustainability and responsibility front of mind. Being closer to the planet allows you to reconnect with your spiritual self, ensuring you have a healthy mind and soul. Translating all this into a colour palette that works, Dulux has developed colours that have a boho, electric fashion that immerses you into the natural world.

Shared Individualism

Bringing together a colour palette that is fresh and playful, this sub-trend is all about creating a shared space that is perfect for enjoying together. Influenced by the world around us, Dulux has observed how there is now an importance of having a sense of belonging and being part of a group, whether with family or friends.

The Working Home

With the boundary between work life and personal like constantly shifting, The Working Home is centred on creating a beautiful place to work at home, with a colour palette that offers the ability to create different zones within the home but yet work together to create a comfortable, relaxed and focused space.

Considered Luxury

This trend is about encapsulating a new way of living, whereby people but more value on experience rather than possessions. Senses need to be stimulated in a magical, powerful way with soft textures, tactile walls, beautiful smells and music. It is a subtle and modest luxury which is reflected in a colour palette of warm, organic colours.

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